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Larry "Sugar Dick" King


Larry “Sugar Dick” King Looking for His Next Sugar Baby

Gage Skidmore

Hurry ladies! If old men are your type, Larry King just hit the market, and he’s a ripe 85 years old.

This is not a rumor…we repeat…this is not a rumor. Larry “Sugar Dick” King, is ready to peel a couple of stacks.

Larry King and his longtime wife Shawn King, are getting a divorce. It’s a real shocker because the two have spent many years together. The Blast reports that Larry and Shawn made a life together for nearly 22 years, after first getting married in 1997.

In today’s climate, staying with your spouse for that long is no small feat. For instance, just look at Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. They could barely keep their wedding rings on for more than a year. A real shame, but not quite the shocker. That Miley is a wild card.

According to legal documents, Larry lists the reason for the divorce as “irreconcilable differences.” The tea is that Shawn had been having an affair on the former CNN host with Richard Greene, who’s a public speaker. However, if you ask Larry, he’ll probably deny denying deny.

Larry has always avoided the honest truth, regarding the affair.

“I’ve been in the business now maybe 60 years and I’ve dealt with rumors long time. [I’ve] interviewed people involved with rumors, and rumors are what they are — rumors, and to tell you the truth, I don’t pay any attention to them.”

If he goes through with it, this will mark Larry’s 8th divorce. Before Shawn came along, he was married to seven different women in the past. He and Shawn actually tied the knot twice, after separating once in 2010.

Sources familiar with the couple say their marriage hasn’t been the best lately. Allegedly, Larry has been miserable for a decade long, and not to mention, he spent his 84th birthday without Shawn by his side. And if that isn’t an indication of trouble in paradise then we don’t know what is.

The former host filed the documents on Tuesday in L.A. County court. The date of separation is marked June 6, 2019, with no mention of a prenuptial agreement.

We’d love to hear what you think.! What’s your opinion on Larry King filing for divorce? Will Larry “Sugar Dick” King live up to the hype? Leave a comment in the comment section found below.

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Featured Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

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