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    The Largest Diamond Ever Found in North America

    Recently, discovered was a rare find; the largest natural diamond in North America.

    Found at Dominion’s Diavik’s mine, in Canada, this October, this 552-carat yellow booger is a rare find.
    It’s about the size of a chicken egg measuring 1.3 inches by 2.14 inches. Back in 2016, a sister diamond had been found in the same mine–coming in at 187 carats.
    Dominion’s got some tough decision to make moving forward. They’re on a mission to find the best partners to cut, shape and make the rock into something that’s even more beautiful.
    This rare find is likely to break record sales. Its sister diamond sold for $1.5 million in a pair of pear-shaped earrings.
    What do you think it’s worth? Please guess below and in more culture, keep it locked to!


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