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LAPD Saved Offset From Getting Fucked Up By Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been the center of attention for nearly a decade.

Early on in his career, Brown was seen as the second coming of Michael Jackson. That persona quickly changed as the Virginia native started going down a dark rabbit hole. It no argument that the seven-footer can dance and perform. Overall it seems as though Brown can’t seem to keep a cool head in the midst of confrontation.

Industry Beef

His ability to perform has been overshadowed by social media beef. One of his biggest beef to date was with Young Money Cash cow Drake. Back in 2012, the two reportedly got into a fight while at the club. For years the two didn’t speak to one another, leaving plenty of people stunned. This past October during Aubrey’s tour he announced to the world the beef was over. Everyone was shocked when Drake shared the stage with Chris Brown during his L.A. concert.

Most recently he found himself getting into another rap beef. The singer had some words with Offset over social media. Instantly the Los Angeles Police Department made a visit to Brown’s home. An anonymous person called concern about how things could quickly escalate. Brown sent a message on social media to Offset saying “Fight me, better yet suck my dick”. That along with inviting Offset to his house is more than enough look into the situation.

Ultimately Brown was advised to delete the social media post with his address. Overall it’s interesting to see that this whole beef started from the singer posting a meme surrounding 21 Savage Ice arrest. Chris really needs to chill as recently he was arrested and accused of rape in Paris. He would later be released, with no charges sticking. It would be fucked up to see the talent of Brown in jail.

How bad would Chris Brown fucked up Offset? Will, he ever get his shot at Cardi B? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to





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Who published this!?

This is the stupidest news article. I would love to see chris brown in jail. Who let you write an article like this!?

Who published this!?

Who let this guy write an article…!?

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Viral Hip Hop

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