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    Does Lamar Odom Have Another Shot With Khloe Kardashian??

    It may have seemed like several decades ago, but at one point Lamar Odom was in fact married to Khloe Kardashian. However, his off-camera addiction wasn’t good for the Kardashian Empire forcing him to get the boot.

    Believe it or not, but the former Los Angeles Lakers forward was living the high life just about a decade ago. Lamar Odom at the time was one of the most talented power forwards in the league at the time. In addition, he won multiple championships alongside the legendary Kobe. It seemed as though everything was perfect just about in every aspect of his life. Including being married to the eye candy known as Khloe Kardashian.

    After becoming married things steady went downhill from there. Back in 2015, Odom was discovered unconscious at a brothel in Nevada after an overdose. Overall the overdose led the former NBA player to a coma. Shortly after he checked into a rehab center to help fight with his addiction.

    “When you’re an addict, that’s something that you live with forever,” he told TMZ when the site caught him at LAX Airport Thursday. “You don’t just put that behind you. It takes years … everybody gets the urge, but getting high is not in my agenda right now.”

    Despite his days in the NBA being over, that’s not stopping him from lacing up on the court. The forward will be playing in Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league.

    “It’s a hard fight back, but I’m from South Jamaica, Queens, so I’m into a fight — just like I was fighting for my life,”.

    Odom still faces an uphill battle, as his addiction led him to twelve strokes and six heart attacks. He also encouraged by what was told to him several times.

    “All my doctors say I’m a walking miracle”

    At the moment Khloe Kardashian is going through her own struggles family wise. Her former lover, Tristan Thompson cheated on her numerous times while they were together. This includes cheating with family friend Jordyn Woods. While the two have officially parted ways, they are focusing on co-parenting for their daughter True.

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