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    Lamar Odom Is Reportedly Showing No Signs of Improvement

    It is not looking good for Lamar Odom, this is very very sad news. TMZ reports:

    Lamar Odom‘s condition has deteriorated, and doctors are now telling the family the longer he remains in the condition he’s in the less likely it is that he will recover.

    Sources tell TMZ, Lamar did indeed squeeze Khloe‘s hand Wednesday night, which gave everyone hope, but Thursday morning doctors are saying it well could have been an involuntary movement.

    As of Thursday morning, our sources say Lamar has shown no signs of consciousness or improvement. We’re told 4 organs, including his kidneys, continue to fail. Our sources say doctors have been clear … the fact that Lamar is not getting better significantly reduces his chances of survival.

    Praying for him.

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