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    Lamar Odom Looks To Expose The Kardashian In A Movie Theater Near You?

    From overdose and brothels to having a sex addiction, Lamar Odom has lived the life of a Rock Star. The former NBA Champion is looking to bring his story to a movie theater near you.

    Lamar Odom has literally made the Kardashian family life a living hell over the past month. Back in late last year, the former drug addict announced that he would be releasing a tell-all book. The book would speak on his addictions, along with the chaos he experienced while married to reality tv star Khloe Kardashian. The former athlete has already released stories of encounters that surely is painting the family in a bad light.

    Lamar Odom Expose Kardashians

    Last week Odom spoke on how Khloe Kardashian would allegedly beat up his mistresses on a recurring basis. One particular time Khloe, Kris Jenner, and security busted into a hotel room where an all-out brawl ensued. Khloe was the one that was victorious beating up the naked women there for simply the festivities.

    At the moment Khloe‘s ex-husband is promoting his book “Darkness To Light“, with plenty of people wanting the tea into how the Kardashian is off the screen. He’s even contemplating the thought of possibly making a movie about his life. Furthermore, after his divorce, Lamar claims that the mom-manager Kris Jenner staged a scene with the media to create another storyline for the “Keep Up With The Kardashians” show.

    “I could not handle the lethal cocktail of the spotlight, addiction, a diminishing career and infidelity,” Lamar writes. “Oh, did I mention the paranoia, anxiety, depression … I couldn’t keep my d**k in my pants or the coke out of my nose. Drug addicts are incredibly skilled at hiding their habit. I’d get defensive and Khloé would just drop it.”

    The couple was married for a total of four years, and for most of the tenure, Khloe had to put up with his lying, cheating, sex addiction, and drugs.

    Do you think Lamar Odom Expose Kardashians is the right thing to do? Should Odom not release the book? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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