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    Lagos Fashion Week Is A Spectacle To The West; For Them It’s Normal

    If you’ve ever been to Lagos, then you will soon realize that there is no such thing as overdressed.

    In fact, locals embrace sartorial maximalism because fashion in Nigeria is fearless. They embrace rich color and patterns, rooted in tradition and cultural references that are appropriated by the Western world. Specifically, Beyonce’s 2017 Grammy’s gown was inspired by African spiritual forces. 

    So, each season as the fashion world descends to experience the vibrant collection, they also realize that the bar is always raised. From looks of luxury houses to one-of-a-kind pieces under the radar, African culture permeates our fashion world. Blending a mix of futuristic and traditional, Lagos has always been the wave.  And thanks to Vogue photographer Stephen Tayo, we get an exclusive look.

    But, what do you all think? Please comment below and keep it locked to for more fashion news!

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