Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Basically Kissed On Oscars!

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper

If you tuned into the 91st Oscars, then you too were steaming from lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s passionate rendition of “Shallow.”

Let’s just say that Cooper and Gaga’s connection was so strong that it was impossible to tell if they were in character or simply electric in real life. According to social media, Gaga and Cooper almost forgot we were watching! The reason? Well, it almost ended with a kiss.

And let’s just say that social media had a night of entertainment of their own. Check out some of the craziest and funniest memes from Cooper and Gaga’s almost on-screen kiss:

So, what were some of your favorite memes from their performance? Please share them below and stay tuned for more breaking news and culture at!


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