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    L.O.U.D Muzik’s Press Junket: HypeFresh Highlights Jayla Rose

    L.O.U.D. MUZIK LABEL.O.U.D Muzik label out of Houston, Texas held its very first press junket in November. The event offered outlets for aspiring talent to network with, gave us the chance to meet and interview several hungry artists like Jayla Rose

    Jayla Rose From L.O.U.D Muzik’s Radio Press Junket

    Who is Jayla Rose?

    Jayla Rose: My name is Jayla Rose, I’ve been singing for six years. Check me out!

    What kind of artist are you?

    JR: I do R&B, I would say I do pop too—I’m definitely a Pop artist. I rap from time to time. I write all my stuff, so it’s real!

    Are you looking to migrate into the industry or do you want to remain Indie?

    JR: I would love to migrate into the industry, of course, because I want my music to reach levels I can’t even imagine. I love being an independent artist, actually. I’m a very creative person, I love to create without boundaries. You know? I feel like that’s when your best work comes out. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind, no I definitely want to be in the industry. But, I love being an independent artist.

    Do you have any projects out right now?

    JR: Yes ma’am. So, I have a project called Rose Way, I dropped it back in April. Um, no, I’m lying—in January. I have on single on there that I’m mainly pushing, Respectfully. There is a video to it as well. Available on all platforms, look me up. Yep. And yeah.

    What’s in the future for Jayla Rose?

    JR: Just to be consistent and to get to where I need to be as an artist. You will hear about me later on, I promise that. But yeah, I got a couple of shows coming up. December 15, I’m throwing my own showcase, I’m looking for some artists in Houston. But yeah, that’s what I got going on right now.

    How can the people find you?

    JR: Okay so you can follow me on Instagram at @officialjaylarose, look me up now. Y’all gonna hear about me later. Thank you!


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