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Kylie Jenner New Face Mask Under Scrutiny

A new walnut face scrub by Kylie Jenner is the talk of the town…and not in a particularly good way.

Aside from selling lip kits, Jenner is planning on introducing a line of skincare products. This week, she introduced the first six products that consumers can expect to find when her new Kylie Skin launches. Among the products was a walnut face scrub, which is said to provide the feeling of a fresh face. However, critics are not so sure that’s a good idea.

In fact, critics believe the new scrub could cause more damage than good. As it turns out, walnuts can cause severe harm to the skin’s surface like “microtears,” because of the shells. “The more microtears you have, the more uncomfortable, raw and irritated that area is, and once the skin is torn, you’re susceptible to inflammation, hyperpigmentation,” says Michelle Henry, a dermatologist out of Manhattan.

Despite the judgment, Jenner still plans to push forward with her release. Those interested can expect the drop of new products on May 22.

Thoughts? Would you try the new walnut scrub or do you agree with dermatologist professionals? Share your thoughts below.

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