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    First It Was Kim Kardashian.. Now It’s Kylie Jenner Defending Her Man!!

    This week has truly set the Twitter world on fire.

    Earlier this week we saw hip-hop Heavyweights go at it when Kanye called out Drake.

    Kanye dislike Drizzy coming at him on the low, and won’t take the disrespect anymore. One of the main issues Yeezy took offense to was the fact that Drake dissed him on Sicko Mode.

    Kanye s changing his target to Travis Scott so that he could let him know that he wasn’t too pleased. However, with a recent Twitter post, Travis Scott may have seemed on the petty side.

    It seems like Travis Scott is on board with “Checks Over Stripes” when he posted a picture while Kanye rant was still going. That’s when Scott’s baby mother Kylie Jenner came to the rescue to defend Scott’s honor.

    Earlier this year the secured new digs with a $13 million dollar mansion, and both have individual success. Just this week we also saw Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian have a run in with Drake. Kanye claims that Drake had threaten him along with his family.

    Kim Kardashian ain’t having it, and made it known that Drake better thinks twice before opening up his mouth against Kanye again!.


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