Kylie Jenner Coochie Express at Turks & Caicos

Kylie Jenner has every reason to party hard after all the work she puts in. The young billionaire is living her best life with little to no drama at the moment.

As one of the hottest young moguls in the cosmetic line, she has no worries. In fact, the 21-year-old along with her friends decided to spend time in Turks and Caicos. It didn’t take long before the clothes started shedding and skin started showing. Kylie was in total thirst trap form showing the goods openly. It was the unofficial Kylie Jenner coochie express during the getaway.

Jenner went the baby blue Chanel two-piece bikini route encompassed with a gold bracelet. The sexy Kardashian half-sister showed off her body in all the right places. She took to social media to share the goods that leave us salivating at the mouth. We’re sure that Travis Scott tears it out the frame every chance that he gets. The two have stayed out the media regarding couple status over the last few months. Mainly after the several speculations that the Houston native was cheating with multiple women.

Furthermore, another familiar face was joined in on the Summer fun. Scott Disick girlfriend Sofia Richie participated in the display of goods. Throughout the course of the current season, the two have become close friends. Overall it’s an awkward storyline as Kourtney and Scott’s co-parenting situation still provides plenty of sexual tension.

The previous night Kylie and friend Anastasia Kaanikolao showed off the attire before the festivities. The women surely had an “enhanced” look to there figure that leaves us to questions what type of plans they had for the evening. Basically, they were advertising the pussy.

In conclusion, what did you think happened with Kylie Jenner coochie express? Did someone smash? Where was Travis Scott? Are they still together? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

Featured Image Credit: 2017 Noam Galai


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