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Khloe Kardashian

It’s Official…Kylie Jenner Might Be Badder Than Kim Kardashian

Karwai Tang/ Wireimage

The Kardashian Family better prepare for the next heir of sexiness.

Kylie Jenner Badder?

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is considered the sexiest among the sisters. However, Kylie is pleading her case that it might be a thing of the past. The young entrepreneur has been up to big things as of lately. Most recently she has been caught up in the whole Jordyn Woods-Tristan Thompson scandal. In addition, she also is a mother and still having to deal with Travis Scott in a relationship. She’s doing all this at the simple age of 21 years old. In a recent Instagram post, she sent the message that she’s one of the sexiest females living on the Earth.

Whether you want to believe, The Kardashians have been acknowledged for starting a lot of trends. Last night the youngest billionaire in the worldwas in at dinner with her older sisters Kim and Khloe. She decided to take a selfie with Simply Ruched Bandeau Mixdai dress.  The successful businesswoman decided to drop it low and show off the booty. The dress is currently going for $52. This is a good way to get her mind off some things. As people are asking how long before Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner reconcile.

At the moment Kylie is also going through her own personal problems. Several outlets have claimed that Houston’s Travis Scott is cheating on his child’s mother. The rapper denies the claims and says it’s bullshit. Even Kylie ended up defending her man when it came down to it. Furthermore, it seems as though marriage vows are on the horizon for Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner.

Is Kylie Jenner badders? Is Kim starting to lose it? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

Featured Image Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

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