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    Kyler Murray Faces Dilemma Between MLB & NFL

    KThere aren’t many athletes today that can say they’ve had or will have the luxury to choose or play two different sports.

    The Oklahoma Sooner’s Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray, is one of those rare athletes that will have the luxury of choosing to play in the NFL, or MLB.

    The Undeniable Talent

    The Heisman Trophy winner has chosen to enter the NFL Draft. After months of uncertainty of his future plans, he has finally made the decision. But according to many analyst such as Dan Patrick, this is a d to lure the Oakland A’s into accepting Murray’s proposed deal of $16 million. The Oakland A’s drafted Murray with a 1st round 9th pick in the June 2018 MLB Draft.

    According to’s Manny Randhawa, the A’s signed Murray to a $5 million sign-on-bonus, which gives Murray 1 full year to play football at Oklahoma. According to Yahoo sports, Murray is now looking for a $15 million payday to play baseball. Major League Baseball is allowing the A’s to offer Murray that amount to get him to play baseball, and it’s understandable why.

    Kyler Murray Faces Dilemma Between

    Murray is one of the brightest young stars in American sports. To have him in Major League Baseball would raise the stock of their league. The athlete has already declared himself for the NFL combine, which is on February 25th. Many believe is this a ploy, or a legitimate sign that Murray’s focus is on the money.

    Michael Jordan played 9 seasons for the Chicago Bulls before retiring to play baseball for the Chicago Barons; a decision Jordan made, due to Jordan’s fathers dream to see him play the game, and this was in wake of his father’s death, which occurred months prior to Jordan’s transition to baseball. Deion Sanders played both sports from 1989 – 2005. During that time,Sanders in both sports played for 5 teams in Major League Baseball (1989-2001).

    Sanders had a batting average of .263, and hit 39 home-runs. In the NFL (1989-2005) Sanders played for 5 teams. During his NFL years Sanders became a 2-time Super Bowl Champion, an 8-time Pro Bowler, and an 8-time first team All-Pro. So there’s no question past athletes and greats have been able to do so, but the contract that Murray signed with the Oakland A’s may prevent Murray from playing both sports.

    Murray And The Dilemma

    According to NBC Sports Dalton Johnson, the Oakland Athletics knew they were taking a risk offering Murray a contract, being the Oklahoma Sooner had so much success with his collegiate football career. The Heisman Trophy winner was second in touchdowns with 42, and was third in yards with 4,361 throwing yards.

    The Heisman trophy winner set an anticipation for NFL fans to see him play in the NFL, and the Oakland A’s sensed this bidding war over Murray’s services long ago. What happens if Murray turns to football instead of baseball? Murray will have to repay a large portion of the money. This is with him already receiving money from the A’s.

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    In the end, baseball may be the correct choice. Several sources believe there’s a lot of negative feedback coming from an NFL GM. Many believe that Murray’s size is a concern. In addition, Murray could drop to being selected in the third round of the NFL draft.

    Kyler Murray will possibly be paid more to play baseball as a starter. Overall his decision shouldn’t be to hard to ponder. In the end, Murray’s decision to enter the NFL draft doesn’t finalize anything. So it will be interesting in the coming weeks to see Murray’s final decision unfold.

    With his talent we wonder if we’ll see him match up against Elite NFL Quarterback in the near future. The talent that Murray has can even pass Drew Brees as the NFL’s New All-Time Passing Leader.

    Do you think that Murray will go on and play in the NFL? Does he have a shot of matching up against the greats? Leave your thoughts in the comment below.

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