Kyle Dion – In Your Feelings (Official Video)

Kyle Dion – In Your Feelings

Trendsetting R&B wunderkind Kyle Dion delivers an intense, sexy, and colorful video for “In Your Feelings.” “In Your Feelings” is the first video from Dion’s recent Painting Sounds EP, which is available to stream and purchase.

Filmed in Malibu, Calabasas, Burbank, and a desert a few hours outside of Los Angeles, the video depicts the final moments of a turbulent relationship, culminating in an act of passion and violence.

“You so in your feelings,” sings the 21-year-old Cali R&B singer, as his girlfriend literally hangs him out to dry upside-down in the California wilderness. “There are different layers of meaning regarding the hanging scene, but the one closest to the surface, is the girl hung me there not to kill me, but to humiliate and punish me,” Kyle Dion explained to VIBE. “The hanging and driving scenes are actually the only reality of the music video.”


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