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Kulture, CardiB, And Offset.. Zoo Chronicles??

Featured Image Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Remy Martin

Earlier today the news was dropped that Cardi B and Offset will call it quits after a year of marriage.

The social media world went frantic coming to Cardi’s aid after she shared the announcement on social media.

We all know that Offset has not been the most faithful when it comes to their marriage. Several rumors have been swirling about Offset not being able to keep his dick in his pants.

On Monday Cardi B was to appear in front of a judge regarding an altercation between her entourage and two bartender strippers. Cardi had reason to believe that one of them slept with Offset.

The Bodak Yellow rapper skipped court on Monday and will have to appear in front of a judge Friday. If she fails to comply, a warrant will be made for her arrest.

Many have reason to believe that all the drama is to help promote Offset’s new album set to drop on December 11th. To add to the drama, Cardi B, officially shared her newborn “Kulture” first photo to the public on Instagram.

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Do you think they really called it quits?? Or are they pulling our leg??


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Ebro Gets Cussed the Fuck out by Trick Daddy


Trick Daddy is coming for Ebro today.

Recently, Ebro did an interview with Kodak. In addition to talking about his new album, Ebro also comforted Kodak on his sexual assault case. Kodak walked out of interview and told Ebro, fuck you. Well, Trick Daddy has some words for Ebro in an Instagram video. You can find the video below.


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Fuck What You Heard.. Lala May Be On The Market!

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Earlier this week we reported that Lala Anthony received an NAACP Image award.

The actress and influencer gained an award for her role in the New Edition movie.

Life has seemed to be going well for Lala, as she will return in her role for the cable drama series Power. In April of last year, Lala wasn’t so much in a happy place regarding her marriage.

Rumors started to come out that her NBA baller husband Carmelo Anthony had managed to get another woman pregnant. The media and news were all over the topic and placed a strain on there marriage and family dynamic.

The former couple has a son, that is 11 years old. From different outings, it seemed as though the two would be in the process of possibly reconciling. On an interview with US Weekly this past Tuesday, Lala stated that she is focused on her career and being a mother.

The beautiful actress seemed to dodge anything pertaining to Carmelo, and it’s evident that they are still on shaky ground. Melo really messed that relationship up.

Lala addressed that there is ups and downs in life, while Carmelo is struggling with his NBA Career. After signing with the Houston Rockets after a buyout from Atlanta, Melo never found his rhythm.

Even with Carmelo willing to take a bench role, he was cut early on this season.


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Damn Offset, It Might Take You Another Lambo Bro!!

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Lambo always does the trick!!

The holiday times are here, and we know that Offset is in the dog house.

Last week his soon to be ex-wife Cardi B took to Social Media, and announced that they have separated.

Offset, who is one-third of the rap group Migos, has a history of cheating on Cardi B. One of the worst things is that women have come forward blasting the rapper for his cheating ways.

Offset is still hoping that the two are able to reconcile, and at some point get back together. With the holidays around the corner, Offset hopes that he can spend Christmas with Cardi and their baby girl Kulture.

The rapper look’s to showers his family with gifts, and hopefully, the two can possibly work things out. I mean, after all he did fake his illness and brought Cardi a Lambo before. Sources claim that Cardi still hasn’t made up her mind regarding Offset spending time with the family.

Keep in mind that Offset has three other kids from prior relationships. Offset will be a busy man during the Holiday!!

Stay tuned to, for the latest in culture and music news.


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