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    Krypto Kracc “Dead Drop” Makes It Clear He’s A Street Boss

    New Jersey rapper Krypto Kracc has more street cred than many rappers who like to boast about streetlife. Through his lyrics and songs, stories of trials and triumphs, it’s clear Krypto Kracc knows firsthand what life on the streets is like. The New Jersey native first made it onto the rap scene with the independent release of 2012 project Rare Breed . Though, Kracc’s presence started gaining traction in 2022 after releasing major records like his “Hood Bizness” track. From then on, he’s become the leading artist of his record label GMG Music. Not to mention, he’s won attention from leading publications and hip hop sites such as 50Cents DASH radio.

    Continuing the story of “Hood Bizness”, Krypto Kracc recently dropped the new single “Dead Drop.” According to the rapper in “Dead Drop”, being a street boss means following the rules of the game.

    Krypto Kracc Gives A Rundown Of How To Run The Streets

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    There’s a difference between someone who’s lived life on the streets and those who simply talk about it. Nowadays, many rap stars like to brag about growing up in rough neighborhoods and illegal acts that they’ve never committed. Though, others have actually lived and survived their harsh realities. It’s clear that the lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

    New Jersey rapper Krypto Kracc “Dead Drop” gives a rundown of all the essentials needed to run the streets. Self-dubbing himself the Street Boss in “Hood Bizness”, Kracc knows the lifestyle inside and out. On the track, Kracc warns his competitors not to mess with him. The on-the-rise rapper goes to say that he carries a “40 glock” at all times and “can pay for a hit on consignment.” Kracc certainly paints a vivid picture with these particular rap verses. While being the CEO of any job prospect sounds like a dream, running the streets is mostly dangerous. Nonetheless, Krypto Kracc has some serious storytelling skills at work in the track that makes it worth the listen.

    He’s More Than A Rapper, He’s A Star

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    Krypto Kracc has earned bragging rights when it comes to discussing streetlife. However, the New Jersey emcee doesn’t rap about the streets to make great music . Instead, the up and coming rap star yearns to tell his story to the world. His love for HipHop music has become his main emotional outlet. Arguably, the rap scene could use more talents like Krypto Kracc who have a knack for storytelling. More importantly, he’s an honest artist who isn’t afraid to show the bad and gritty parts of himself on a song. Krypto Kracc’s discography so far has been nothing short of authentic, which he hopes will take him far. For the New Jersey artist, the sky’s the limit.

    That’s certainly becoming more of reality for the rapper. Currently, the GMG Music owner is gearing up for two upcoming shows on June 25th and July 23rd, as he opens for Benny The Butcher in Indianapolis. Be sure to follow the New Jersey artist and see what else he cooks up.


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