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    Lamar Odom Describes Kris Jenner & Khloe Kardashian As Ruthless Bitches??

    Lamar Odom is surely making an impact in the world of media. Recently he announced that he would be releasing a tell-all book surrounding his life during the time of his addictions. However, it seems like these stories are getting juicier by the day. Are Kris and Khloe Ruthless bitches?

    The former NBA-Allstar has been sharing snippets of his book, and he made sure to include none other than the Kardashians. He already claims that his ex-wife Khloe used to bet up his mistresses, and how Kris staged meetings. Now he’s taking it a step further, in regards to what was happening while on his deathbed. The story is shocking and shows us a different side to the Kardashian family.

    The retired athlete claims that while on his death bed Khloe and Kris got into a heated altercation with his family members. Hence Khloe ended up banning his family from visiting him at the hospital. At the time Lamar was attempting to recover from his an almost fatal overdose of drugs.

    “I had cousins and childhood friends waiting for hours who got bumped out of line by my famous sisters-in-law. Obviously, I had no idea what was going on,” Lamar wrote. “This was Khloe’s call, and she had never even met most of my family.”

    He went on to claim that Kris Jenner was ruthless and how it took his aunt JaNean finally getting access for his two children to see him.

    “When JaNean left my room, she went to the waiting area on the other side of the glass partition and took an open seat: the very seat Kris Jenner had been sitting in for hours.”

    After being granted access his Aunt didn’t hold back from expressing her anger and frustration publicly. She ended up screaming at Khloe along with Kim Kardashian. Odom’s marriage to Khloe lasted a total of four years. His upcoming memoir, Darkness to Light will be released later this month.

    Do you believe Kris & Khloe ruthless behavior? Do you think that all these things really happen that is mentioned in Odom’s book? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: Via Mayer RCF/Splash News


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