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    Kris Jenner Says Ye’s Mean Comments “Hurt All Of Us”

    Kanye West has tried his hardest to win his ex wife and kids back. Unfortunately, his efforts have turned ineffective after the rapper’s latest antics. For months, Ye has taken jab after jab at Kim K’s newest boyfriend SNL star Pete Davidson. Unfortunately for Kanye West, things between his ex friend and former wife have heated up. 

    Not to mention, there’s rumors of Davidson wanting to take their relationship to the “next level.” Lashing out, Ye’s newest music made some disparaging comments about his ex wife’s relationship with Davidson. Of course, Kim K had a fair amount to say about his mean comments. Additionally, her mom, Kris Jenner, made it known that his words hurt everyone in their family. 

    Kim K Brushes Off Ye’s Ignorant Commentary

    hurt all of us
    via Capital XTRA

    These days, Ye can’t seem to stop badmouthing his ex wife. Not only does it reflect badly on him, but also further creates a divide between him and his family. On a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim K receives a text from her friend about Ye’s newest song. Furthermore, the SKIMS CEO predicts the song in question will more than likely talk illy about her and her family, as per usual. At this point, the reality star is over the drama with Kanye West. Instead, she wants to focus on building a meaningful relationship with Pete Davidson. 

    Kim K’s Mom Says Ye’s Comment “Hurt All Of Us”

    hurt all of us
    via Perez Hilton

    Kim Kardashian wasn’t the only one who disliked Ye’s badmouthing about his ex family. Even matriarch Kris Jenner got involved. Furthermore, the reality star stated in the confessional portion of the show that her ex-son-in-law’s comments “hurt all of us.” Jenner went on to say that she fears Kim K’s children will see their father’s mean comments toward their mother. Arguably, Ye doesn’t sound as if he’s taken any steps to improve his behavior toward his ex wife. He hasn’t even bettered himself. If Ye truly wants to win, Kim K back, he has loads of apologizing to do. 



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