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    It’s Official O.J. Simpson Allegedly Smashed 90’s Mega Thot Kris Jenner!!

    Let’s be honest, we had our suspicions but we pretty much knew that it was true. Someone has finally answered the long await question of the universe. O.J. definitely smashed Kris Jenner.

    For decades plenty of people posed the question the infamous former athlete smashed Kris Jenner. O.J. has continued on several occasions to deny any sexual involvement with Jenner. However, allegedly his former manager is claiming that something did happen between the two. Simpon‘s former manager Norman Pardo claims that the former star did, in fact, brag about having sex with now the person responsible for the Kardashian Empire.

    Kris Jenner Oj Simpson

    Allegedly it went down back in the ’90s in a hot-tub. At the time the former athlete was married to Nicole, all the while Robert was with Kris. Pardo apparently went into detail explaining the events that took place that night. Robert and Nicole decided to go to bed, and ultimately O.J. decided to make his move on Kris.

    Overall the Kardashian would divorce back in 1991, with the Simpson following in 1992. Apparently, this conversation will all be apart of his 90-minute documentary that will be released on June 12. The date will officially mark the 25th anniversary of the death of Nicole Brown Simpson and Robert Goldman.

    For years rumors have floated around regarding Khloe Kardashian being O.J.’s daughter. We know attempting to find out the truth may never happen. However, we must say that it’s not too far-fetched.

    Do you believe what was said about Kris Jenner OJ Simpson? Is he Khloe’s father? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to



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