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    Our Brief Q/A With Promising LA Rapper KRASH MINATI

    Krash Minati released his first EP Blues Brothers with producer and rapper Doobie in April of this year. The Doobie x Krash project collab was something listeners had been looking forward to for quite some time. The two artists met at 14-years-old in Columbus and relocated to LA later on: eventually signing with SCFMG.

    Krash also released “Snow Day” on May 18. The video features visual effects, such as lightning bolts and falling snow,  accompanied by the relatively simplistic scenery of a suburban park. In the track, he displays his deep-toned voice, trap genre lyricism, and Mystikal-like flow, with a touch of Tyler The Creator. Overall, he shows signs of potential, but he needs to drop something soon to keep fans enticed. Impressively, the video for “Snow Day” has amassed over 45K views since its release, and this is his first uploaded video. I got the opportunity to speak with Krash about his collaborative project with Doobie, the fear of success and what’s next. Our conversation is below.

    Q: To start off, where do you get inspired?

    Krash: I find my inspiration in a lot of different ways. Most of the time It’s just everyday life and things and I go through.

    Q: Tell me a little bit about Blues Brothers EP and what that means to you.

    Krash: The Blues Brothers EP is a 6 track dope tape me and my brother Doobie put together. It means a lot to me because it is not only our first collaboration project, but my first project ever released.

    Q: In Piano Keys, you say “what if I never make it, what if I take it too far to get somewhere, don’t even really wanna be at”. Talk about the meaning of this line.

    Krash: I don’t fear not being successful, I fear not being happy in life. So that line is basically me asking myself: is everything I work so hard for really worth it?”

    Q: What has been your most significant obstacle?

    Krash: I think my biggest obstacle was starting all the way over after the group I was split up with. I wanted to recreate myself and my sound before I came out as a solo artist. My whole team helps me gain exposure. There’s a method to the madness. My manager Joe knows his shit and my brother DJ Hylyte is a marketing genius. We’re always coming up with different ideas to win.\

    Q: Lastly, what’s next for Krash Minati?

    Krash: I’m dropping a video called “Karreuche” soon. After that, I just plan on keeping my foot on the gas and to keep dropping songs and just having really fun making music.

    Krash has ways to go but is only truly commencing his solo artist descent into the rap game. He shows promise and has compelling lyricism. Here’s a lyric from “Worthless” that I found notable.

    What I smoke ain’t as loud as I made you moan
    As quiet as it’s kept, bitch you played you with no one knowing
    I ain’t brag about ya…
    Cuz niggas knew what we had goin
    Disrespect comes with the comfort now it’s showin

    Stay tuned to Hypefresh and social media for future Krash Minati music updates!


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