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    Kota Okuda Makes Money The Fashion Statement

    Kota Okuda is redefining the way we look at fashion through originality. His most recent collection makes money the focal point, rather than the price itself. Some people believe that it’s not how much you spend on the look but rather how the outfit looks. In this case – it’s both.

    Being one of the 15 graduates of Parsons New School of Design’s MFA program, his personal take on style hit the school’s annual runway show, which runs in the same timeframe of New York Fashion Week.

    “I’m a very crafty person.” – Kota Okuda

    Of course, these clothes are virtually impractical. But if iconic celebrity figures like Nicki Minaj giving him major attention, just imagine where this man’s future is taking him.

    Head over to PAPER Magazine to read his full interview about his creative process and style direction.


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