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    Kodak Black Reveals What He Has Been Wishing For In New Track

    Kodak Black is rapping about doing his best to make changes. On his newly released single, which sample’s Ray J’s “One Wish”,  Kodak Black discusses with his audience about his hopes and dreams for his future and for his family’s future.

    Smooth Throwback Sound

    The soft and old-school sounding beat reflects the bitter-sweet redemption arch lyrics perfectly. The beat is not intense or too loud which makes sense as Kodak Black wishes he “could catch hold of [his] anger.”

    The Chance to Finally Stop

    The lyrics reference when Kodak Black was pardoned by then-President Trump not too long ago. “I’m a gangsta, got pardoned by ‘Trump!” Kodak Black’s presidential pardon symbolizes the rapper’s second chance to live a life free from violence and crime.

    Back From The Dead

    Still, Kodak Black also wishes he “could stop thuggin’ for real.” This contradiction hints at the cognitive dissonance the rapper might be experiencing as he grows into a new identity and phase of life.

    He flirts with the idea of marrying his future wife.

    “I wish we could run off somewhere nice/On a island, you wake up my wife.”

    His honeymoon will surely feel like Heaven on Earth. “Hopefully, I can stop livin’ shiesty/Like we back from the dead, let’s go start a new life.”

    Sobriety and Recovery

    “I don’t lie, but I steal and I kill/I wish I could stop poppin’ these pills.” Kodak Black knows that his lifestyle is the result of his priorities. So, now he is rapping about changing his main motivators.

    A Brighter Future for His Family

    The Disney Company dominates when it comes to finding family-friendly motivations to be productive. It makes sense then that Kodak Black gave the company a shout out as he continues establishing his new image post-incarceration.

    “Told my son I won’t let no one kill me/’Cause I promised to take him to Disney!”

    How do you prioritize what is most important to you? Let us know by leaving a comment!



    1. I wonder why Trump chose to pardon him specifically? Could the reason be that he and Trump both are Gemini Sun?

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