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    Kodak Black Gives Back To His Community By Helping Addicts Sober Up

    It’s always nice to see stars do some great community service. Kodak Black is just one of the many rappers who love to pay it forward. Despite his run in with the law, Black has donated money, bought items for destitute cities, and delivered presents to children on Christmas Day. Clearly, the rapper has a big heart. Recently, Black’s attorney posted a video of him doing some great work in his community in Florida.

                Kodak Black’s Attorney Bradford Cohen Shows His Client Giving Back To The Community

    via YouTube

    Acting as the representative for a big-time celebrity isn’t always a joyride. Though, the opposite seems true for rapper Kodak Black and his attorney Bradford Cohen. Turns out the duo doesn’t just have a business relationship. Oddly enough, they’re always really good friends. Like any good friend, Cohen uploaded a video to his Instagram page of Black’s latest good deed.

    Recently, the rapper visited the Broward Courtroom in Fort Lauderdale, FL to speak to addicts about sobering up. Despite the video not having any sound, the message Cohen left behind in the captions pretty much sums up everything. “He speaks about his own battles and issues and the things he feels are important to a sober life. I believe this is all part of the process or healing. There are misteps along the way, but people should always realize that the first step is wanting to get better,” Cohen said in the captions. Now that’s community service at it’s best. Kodak Black never misses an opportunity to improve his community.

           Cohen Denounces The Importance Of Social Media

    via Hypebeast

    In continuation of his post, Black’s supportive attorney Cohen noted that people focus on the things that matter the most. Specifically, he noted how the public has become so consumed by the challenges of social media that they’ve lost sight of themselves. More importantly, they’ve ignored their own personal goals.

    “Our community should embrace a #soberchallenge before some milk crates….realize what is important in your life, its not social media,” Cohen wrote in the captions. Clearly, Kodak Black and Bradford Cohen make a great team when it comes to giving back to their community.




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