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Kodak Black Reacts to T.I. Threats

Kodak Black is catching the wrath of T.I., after making a comment about cozying up with Lauren London after the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle.

In case you missed it, Black went on Instagram live, where he proceeded to say that he’d allow Lauren London 1-3 years of mourning, all while offering his shoulder for her to cry on. In a nutshell, Black was putting in an early bid as London’s next potential relationship.

And well, a lot of people didn’t like that. Rappers like T.I. and The Game all had bad reactions to his comments. Both rappers went to Instagram and publicly shamed Black for his insensitivity, and called for a public apology. Though Kodak Black did eventually apologize, as best he could, it wasn’t enough for the “Big Things Poppin'” MC.

T.I. has resorted to removing Black’s presence from the Museum of Trap Music. He was probably hoping for the young rapper to feel a sense of remorse, yet instead, all he got was the opposite. After hearing about what was happening, Kodak Black had some choice words for Tip.

“Fu*k that pu**y ass museum, bitch. I ain’t give y’all permission to put me up there anyway, bitch,”

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Image Credit: News Freak N Weird N Funny

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