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    Kodak Black Calls Out Meg Thee Stallion Over “Drive The Boat”

    While still behind bars, Kodak Black continues to make headlines in the music industry. His latest is his issue with one of the hottest female rappers out currently, Meg Thee Stallion, and her catchphrase “Drive The Boat,” which he says he originated.

    While on Strahan, Sara & Keke, Meg Thee Stallion joined in on a trivia segment where one of the questions asked was, “Which Hip Hop Star created the catchphrase Drive The Boat, and what does it for me?” Michael Strahan’s answer was that Meg, Keke Palmer agreed with Strahan, saying that she was the originator. While Meg didn’t take the credit for her well-known phrase, she also didn’t name Kodak Black as the one who originally coined the phrase.

    Kodak Black took to social media to address his issue. “I really wanna go bad on Lil one buut I’m keepin this sh$t pretty.”

    Kodak Black was the first to say the phrase back at the top of 2019 while driving an actual boat.

    This video lead to countless memes being made across the internet and kept the phrase. “Drive The Boat” in our heads.

    So now the question has to be asked, who do you think the phrase actually belongs to?


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