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    King of Diamonds: You Don’t Have to go Home, But You Have to Get the Hell Out of Here!

    The iconic Weezy line, “Liv on Sundays, King of Diamonds Monday,” will never be quite true again

    King of Diamonds, the popular Miami strip club, is no more. As reported first by The Miami New Times, the club was experiencing financial hardships. Back in August 2017, KOD, which sits famously just off of I-95, was sued for foreclosure. Fast forward to today, and it’s been reported that the club’s been ordered evicted.

    On Oct.18, the strip joint was ordered to pay it’s court-appointed receiver $305,000 plus extra payments of $85,000 the first of every month thereafter. However, on Nov. 1, Kenneth A. Welt, the receiver, complained to courts that he hadn’t received a nickel or a dime. Following the complaint, Welt’s lawyer, Glenn Moses, and Miami-Dade police took a trip to the club, and placed locks on the doors, signifying the end to an era.

    Apparently, the club’s management already knew what was coming. “Much of the inside was already empty,” Moses said. “The sound systems were gone; the liquor cabinet had been cleaned out. The lights are on outside, but there’s nothing really happening inside.”

    It’s not the first time the famed club had been in trouble with courts. Additional court documents show that, earlier in the year, KOD had been operating with life threatening code violations. Miami-Dade county had to close the joint on Oct. 5, for safety violations.

    It’s unknown if King of Diamonds will gain new owners, or simply be shut down permanently.


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