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    King Musa: Meet The Next Big Thing Coming Out The West Coast

    Los Angeles has hip-hop’s next big new artist brewing out of their backyard once again in Mar Vista Gardens Projects own King Musa.

    Like Big said when coming from a harsh environment “You either got a wicked jump shot or you slangin crack rock.” Before music, Musa had hoop dreams that almost flourished. Musa fell in love with the game of basketball and became skilled, eventually playing high school at Venice High, college at Cal State Northridge from year and semi-professional for the San Diego Surf Basketball Club of the American Basketball Association (ABA) from year 2013-2014 season.

    While things didn’t pan out on the court, Musa sought a new career path and found it in the beat. The former basketball player-turned-successful entrepreneur made shaped his career trajectory and shift focus from the suit and tie to microphones and rock star lifestyle.

    Originally poked his head out to the masses in 2019 with his first song “Iced Out.” Musa’s happy-go-lucky energetic style raised a few eye brows but it was the consistency of the follow-up singles “Want It All” and “How U Like It” that planted the seed of grassroots fans. After some fine tuning of lyricism and technique, injected with an amplified charm and confidence, Musa kicked down the door of 2020 with a firestarting single, “Wavy Vibes.”

    With his music receiving popular demand, it put a battery in the artist back to flood the streets with his new style and they received it naturally. Combine his energetic sound with his unbridled passion and unique journey to becoming a recording artist, and King Musa has the foundation to become an international star and an icon in the music game.

    The music industry at full attention, Musa drops two buzzworthy projects in A Superstar LP and COMEUPSTORY to add depth to his music and tell fans what it took to get to this point. The projects spawned fan-favorites “Big Drippah,” “Beach Nights,” “Trap Born” and “Last Call.” The year also premiered Musa’s biggest hit yet in the rendezvous track “You and Me.” The song and visual is quickly making the radar of popular West Coast playlists, executives and collaborators. 2021 will showcase a fully evolved King Musa ready to put the comeup behind him and sit firmly at the top of the charts.

    “It ain’t where I’ve been, but where I’m bout to go!”

    Take a listen to King Musa’s latest EP, COMEUPSTORY, below.

    Watch “You and Me” above. For more King Musa, follow the rising star on Instagram.

    King Musa


    While Los Angeles, CA rapper King Musa dedicates late nights and early mornings on his future, his unique career path differentiates him from a large sector of the hip-hop scene. The former basketball player turned successful entrepreneur made a sharp turn in his career trajectory and shifted focus from the corporate industry to the music industry. With a special blend of LA swag and international flavor, Musa’s style reaches wide, and he looks to share that sound in his 2020 single, Wavy Vibes.


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