Kim Kardashian: PISSED Photographer Friend Demanded Nude Photos!

Kim Kardashian PISSED Photographer

Kim Kardashian is not taking any sh*t from no one!

It’s 2019 and men still can’t get on board with this simple little thing called respect. Kim Kardashian has addressed allegations that her friend and photographer Marcus Hyde offered models free photoshoots in exchange for nude photos.

Kim Kardashian is ‘deeply shocked’ and ‘saddened’ by the stories she has read about him.

The Kardashian reality star took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to show her support for the women who have come forward with claims about Hyde. She sides with them.

Kim Kardashian

Celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde doesn’t need to work hard to get models to dress seductively in front of his camera lens.

If a photographer has worked with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Kanye West and asks you to work if you, I am pretty sure you would even take the opportunity!

Well, that is exactly what happened to model Sunnaya Nash after Marcus expressed interest in doing a free photoshoot with her.

Their conversation took a turn after he retracted his free proposal once she refused to send him nudes via Instagram.

Sunnaya declined his disgusting offer, saying she didn’t have any nude photos. But, that she would be comfortable shooting in lingerie or partial nudity.

Marcus’s price quickly jumped from $0 to $2,000 after Nash refused to shoot in her birthday suit.

Nash posted the exchange on her Instagram account, which the social-media network removed for bullying.

Consequently, celebrities, including Bella Thorne, Michelle Visage, and drag queen Aquaria also let Hyde have it.


“So normal tho and that makes it MORE GROSS.”

Shay Mitchell also weighed in on the situation and begged her followers, “please read.”

In conclusion, Marcus has deleted his Instagram account following the backlash and has yet to make a public statement.

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Featured Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight & MSN


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