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    A Penis In Her Mouth?!!! Kim Kardashian Wildlin No Lie

    When is the last time you smoked a penis ??

    Just earlier last week Kim came out and admitted that she was on drugs while recording her Ray J sex tape.

    While everyone wasn’t completely surprised, it still made headlines as the “KUWTK” star has put those days behind her.

    We can only fathom how furious Kanye is with all this circulating on the web. Now we’re all adults here and understand oral sex is apart of intercourse.

    But to see a celebrity that the world craves in action is something that we all like to see!! Kim is total freak status with a p*enis in her mouth, all we can say in this case is “Yeezy Didn’t Teach You”.

    Watch the video through Hip-Hop DX here.

    Stay tuned to for the latest in culture and music news!!




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