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    Kim Kardashian Mom-Shamed As Usual! She Let North Get A Nose Piercing?

    Is Kim Kardashian letting her kids express themselves too much?

    According to US Magazine, Kim Kardashian is no stranger to being mom-shamed over what she lets North do!

    North West was spotted wearing the facial jewelry in several shots posted to the KKW  Instagram Stories on Monday.

    She wore the fake nose ring during an early 85th birthday celebration for Kris Jenner’s mother, Mary Jo “MJ” Campbell.

    “Fake nose ring alert,” Kardashian captioned the photo.

    Did Kim really let North wear a nose ring?

    People were shocked, and Kim Kardahsian took it to her Story to clarify that it wasn’t real, but not before she was called out in the comments.
    “Kims letting north grow up too fast dark makeup/lipstick now piercings smh,” one commenter wrote.

    “Why on earth does North have a nose ring,” another person commented. And, someone else posted, “why df kim let north have a faux nose ring she too [redacted] grown.”

    While plenty of people hated on the look, one person supported the young fashionista’s style.

    A commenter wrote, “northie is so stylish.”

    North West loves to play with makeup and experiment with her style.

    Kim Kardashian also drew attention for letting North wear orange eyeliner back in November 2018, and for sharing a snap of her daughter with straightened hair months earlier.

    There’s nothing inappropriate about wearing a fake piece of body jewelry — especially when it’s right there on your face.

    North wore a harmless prop on her face at her great-grandmother’s party.

    There is nothing in the world wrong with that.

    Kim is a great mom, and to conclude it all, haters ganna hate.

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    Featured Image Credit: Harper’s BAZAAR


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