Kim Kardashian Loses 80 Lbs, The Internet Goes “Butt” Crazy

Kim Kardashian Loses

It’s almost like Kim Kardashian-West just knows all the secrets to the perfect weight loss techniques. Millions of people love Kim for her fabulous looks and whopping body. Kanye West is the loving husband, so we just know he’s enjoying watching his wife’s body morph into all types of sexy.

The internet is going crazy over her weight loss! But the world of Social Media is speculating that she may have lost TOO MUCH weight, which makes her buttox look awkward. Not that Kim K cares, she’s living her life and staying away from the conversation (as she normally does). But if gets out of hand, we’re sure she’ll drop another photoshoot to silence the critics.

What do you think? Pics are below.


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