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Kim Kardashian Lands Her Own Documentary Surrounding Law!!

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 Kim Kardashian is back at it again. She’s officially jumping into a new lane regarding the world of entertainment.

Many people probably laughed when they heard that Kim Kardashian would be going to become a lawyer. The reality star is taking a stand for harsh jail sentences. Kim Kardashian’s actions will lead to the jails releasing 17 inmates. Above all, things just got more interesting after Mrs. West announced that she will launch her own true-crime show on the Oxygen network. Reports have surfaced that the entrepreneur teamed up with the 90 Days of Freedom campaign. The Kardashians have popularity working on their side for them. This makes it easier for them to shine a light on crime and overall injustice.

Kim Kardashian Law

Kim now has a voice, that will enable her to reach the masses regarding cases, and unfair sentences. In addition, her husband, Kanye West attempted to enter the world of politics last year. However, that came to a halt after his support for President Trump provided backlash instantly. Overall, the outspoken Mr. West tends to create a wedge between those of the Urban Community. Kanye is currently traveling with a choir promoting a project entitled “Sunday School.” There are rumors that the iconic artist will open his own church.

“In this compelling 2-hour documentary, Oxygen will capture Kardashian’s efforts to secure freedom for Americans who she believes have been wronged by the justice system. “Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project” is an exclusive, never before seen look inside her mission to tackle one of America’s most controversial subjects.”

The social media influencer will help to lead the financial aspect for the series. Furthermore, her legal counsel of MiAngel Cody will be processing all of the administrative paperwork. Her work is now allowing several inmates to reunite with their family. Kim has been able to get the previous rulings overturned, and even met with the President to discuss a change. One of the main highlights was when Kim helped to release a man serving a life sentence. Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft have come together form a prison reform group as well. Several cases have been highlighted over the last three years exposing cruel judgment.

Do you think that Kim Kardashian and law will become a great topic? Or is this just for publicity? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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