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    Kim Kardashian Chooses Not To Pop That Coochie For Fourth Child!!

    Could the West Family introduce a fourth child?

    It’s the new year, and the Kardashian Family are already in the news. No matter what time of the year it is, Kanye and Mrs. West always finds a way to make a story. The media seemingly always have a story about what’s is happening in “The West Family”. Kanye ended 2018 on another rant attacking Drake from fallout stemming from earlier in the Summer. Mr. West took it his level of anger to another level after Drake Followed His Wife On Instagram.  The media instantly ate up the story, even with journalist mentioning the fallout in public. It became major news once Kanye Ran From TMZ To Avoid Questions About Drake.

    2018 has been a meltdown year for Yeezy, with several outburst taking place on Twitter. Even to the point where Mind Control was the topic of Kanye West‘s rant that caused many people to wonder about mental health. The iconic rapper has used Twitter as his outlet, however Kim made it clear that she wanted him removed from social media. The reality tv-star is “Done With The Drama”, when it comes to her husband’s behavior even though it seems like the Chicago native isn’t done with his foolery.

    Despite all of the turmoil, there are still thing that he should be grateful for. Kanye ain’t all there, but he’s still smashing Kim KardashianEarlier today we heard news that The West couple will be soon have their fourth child. A surrogate will help with the new addition to the highly publicized family. North, Saint, and Chicago, already make up the family that life is always seemingly on camera. We can surely, expect for this news to be mentioned in the next season of “Keep Up With The Kardashians”.

    Do you think a fourth child will help Kanye to stay off Twitter?? Or is this just another stunt to keep ratings up? Leave your comments below and for more news keep it linked to


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