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    Kim Kardashian Instagram Account Generates Ginormous Figures

    The world of influence is paying pretty good these days. This is especially if you’re in the shoes of Kim Kardashian.

    Most recently the reality tv star filed legal documents sure to give you chills. On the documents, it was confirmed that Kim makes $300,000 to $500,000 for just one sponsored post. Documents filed are in relation to a lawsuit currently in progress against the fashion label Missguided.  As a result, the original filing took place in February, where Mrs. West claims that the U.K. based retailed “repeatedly used Kardashian’s name and image without authorization to generate interest in their brand and website, and to elicit sales of their products.”

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    Shortly after the fashion label failed to respond to the claim, Kim attempted to win a default judgment of $5 million. Showing proof of her earning from sponsorship help to support her request for the large amount. Certainly, the larger than life reality TV star has a heavy following on just about every social media platform. Above all, allows her to market her own person products, projects, and along with helping to build brands. At the moment, Kim Kardashian has 137 million followers on her personal Instagram account.

    Furthermore, the 2018 Instagram Rich List created by Hopper HQ estimated Kim‘s cost per post to be in the range of $720,000. In addition, this number ranks her as the 4th highest paid celebrity on the Instagram platform. What seems to be more interesting, is that her sister Kylie Jenner is ranked number 1 on that same list.  Hence, Ms. Jenner has an estimated $1 million per post.

    Do you think that Kim Kardashian will be awarded the $5 million dollars? Do you think she is overpaid for each sponsored post? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: Michael Kovac/ 2018 Getty Images

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