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    Hell Everything Else Is Fake.. So Why Wouldn’t Kim Kardashian Nose Be?

    No matter the topic, Kim Kardashian is always able to draw attention to herself.

    Mrs. West is one of the most controversial figures in the world of media. The reality tv star lives and breathes on the camera nearly 24 hours a day. Despite becoming famous overnight from a sex tape with Ray J, the maven has become influential on a global scale. From the industry of makeup cosmetics to the world of politics, Kim is continuing to build her empire for years to go.

    Most recently the Kim Kardashian decided to address news surrounding physical alterations.  In other words, over the years we’ve seen questionable changes in regards to the entire Kardashian family. However, Mrs. West made it clear that she, in fact, did not get a nose job of any kind. She took to Twitter to speak her truth of the matter.

    Above all, for years Kim has been an advocate for butt shots, and botox enhancement. Getting her nose done isn’t farfetched for someone of her stature. Everyone just bout assumes alot of her features are fake anyway. Therefore, it’s surprising that she responded to this after Valentines Day. We know for sure that Kanye definitely slid up in Kim Kardashian guts all thanks to Kenny G. Despite what trolls might be saying, she still has other serious matters to attend to. Most recently she’s been hit with a $100 million dollar lawsuit.

    Do you think that Kim Kardashian has a fake nose? Do you really care? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


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