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    Could Twitter Fans Have Discovered Kim Kardashian’s Newest Edition Name??

    Twitter investigators are back on the trail. This time they believe that they may have discovered Kim Kardashian’s fourth child’s name.

    When it comes to the world of celebrity’s children, the media will do just about anything to get the detail first. In this case, it also means finding out The West Family’s latest child name. Kim went to social media announcing that the family would be adding another addition. The couple has yet to announce the name of their fourth child. However, that didn’t stop fans from trying to piece together the puzzle through the Twitter post from Kim over the weekend.

    Kim Kardashian Baby Name 

    During her brief Tweet convo, fans noticed that the reality tv star continued to put teddy bear emoji up consistently. People are assuming that the couple will be naming the baby Teddy, Bear, or perhaps Cub. This would make sense in regards to Kanye as he’s from Chicago, where the Cubs is Chicago’s professional baseball team. The West family is known to do things in style, and make people excited for big announcements. Especially with the entire Kardashian Family being on reality tv.

    What do you think Kim Kardashian baby name is? Will they add another baby to their family? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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