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They Grow Up So Fast: Northwest On The Dating Scene?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Rumors are spreading that Kim Kardashian‘s daughter, Northwest, has a little boyfriend. TMZ reports that Consequence’s son is showing Northwest a little too much attention to just be in the friend zone.

Now, of course, Kim’s denying the rumors, because after all, Northwest hasn’t even lost all her baby teeth yet. But, as Bill Cosby would say…the proof is in the pudding. And honestly, the pictures, as proof, seem to tell a different story.

Apparently, there are numerous photos posted on social media of Caiden, Consequence’s son, shown buying the affection of Northwest– with some very expensive gifts. One snapshot, of Caiden by himself, shows the 7-year-old posing with a blue Tiffany & Co. bag, which is meant for the 5-year-old. Also, there’s another picture that shows the two posing together in a photo, with a caption that reads, “Boo’d Up.”

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However, despite all the romantic gestures and PDA, Kim K says its all in the nature of wholesome fun.

Thoughts? Do you think Kim Kardashian is exposing Northwest to the wrong things? Share your thoughts with us, using the comment section below.

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