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    Kim Kardashian Hit With $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit.. Damn Bitch!!

    Kim Kardashian is in midst of a hefty lawsuit.

    The reality tv star has made a pretty penny over the last decade. Despite making plenty of money, the Kardashian family has had there fair share of lawsuits. At the moment the mogul is now facing what appears to be a $100 million dollar lawsuit. Several years ago the entrepreneur launched a line of emojis called Kimojis. By paying small fee users would be able to use custom emojis that resemble the Kardashian family. In a separate lawsuit, Kim is being sued by a phone case provider for allegedly stealing his design.

    Apparently, the app developers are suing Mrs. West for breach of contract. In addition to profits that would have been made from the Kimoji app. Originally Kim was supposed to cut the development team 60% of the profits. This isn’t the first time that she has stepped into the tech world. She currently has several products on the app store which includes a game, and a lifestyle blog.

    Over the last several years Kim has been able to use her influence in a big way. With her recent strides in concerning topics, Kim Kardashian is now the Princess Of Prison Reform.  She made news last year when news got around that a thesis on Kim Kardashian leads to someone receiving a Master’s degree. Even with her success, she has had moments of failure and embarrassment. Last year a story dropped that Ecstasy led Kim Kardashian to busting it open on Ray J sex tape.

    Will Kim have to pay up $100 million? Will Yeezy put up the money? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


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