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    Kim and Kanye Seem Fine After All the Drama

    If you haven’t seen it yet, Kanye’s twitter is full of interesting things right now. The artist is known to suffer form Bipolar Disorder in which he refuses to get serious help with. His wife Kim Kardashian spoke out on Instagram about his recent episodes he has been having.

    Kanye has been tweeting inappropriate things about their marriage and relationship. Such things that are supposed to stay between a couple. The media ate this up in such a wrong way. This lead many to think that the couple would split after Kanye said these things about Kim for everyone to see on Twitter.

    However, things kind of died down and the attention went off the couple.

    Last Friday, Kanye posted a video fo himself running along side something which appears to be a golf cart holding his children and wife, Kim. The song playing in the video is a sneak peak from his upcoming album. In the video, you can hear Kim talking and laughing.

    It seems as though they were able to move past the public drama and reunite as a family. The kids are laughing and playing in the video. North runs beside her father as they both dance to the song. Everything seems to have worked out for the couple. It’s great to see Kanye happy again.

    Watch the video here:


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