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    Killer Mike And Jay-Z Speak Out On George Floyd.

    Killer Mike gave a fantastic speech, and Jay-Z made a vital phone call both in support of George Floyd.

    Over the weekend, both Killer Mike and Jay-Z made powerful gestures in a show of support for Justice for George Floyd. Riots took place across the nation as many protests turned into looting and so much more.

    The Hip-Hop community has been very vocal about George Floyd’s murder, and the protests that resulted from it. Not everyone is one the same side, though, as some rappers are condemning protesters while others are asking others like Torey Lanez to remember that “protest” doesn’t have to be peaceful.

    Other emcees took a more active approach with their participation, actually putting their feet on the ground.

    J.cole, Wale, Lil Yachty, Bun B, and Nick Cannon are just some of the names of rappers who were spotted out protesting.

    Real hip-hop vets took an ever more active approach by going directly to the government. Killer Mike is Atlanta native and dynamic speaker, several of his talks and rants have gone viral within the black community. Mike was at it again this weekend, where he loaned his gift of gab to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms. The A.D.I.D.A.S. rapper gave a passionate speech aimed at Atlanta residents urging them to “fortify your house.” Check it out here!

    Although he is much more than a rapper these days, Jay-Z still is Hip-Hop, albeit a more corporate level. Always known for making boss moves, Jay isn’t likely to be caught in live-action with is feet on the pavement. Thus his participation has to come in the boss level form and what’s more boss than personally calling the governor.

    Governor Tim Walz let it be known that Hov gave him a call and let him know that “Justice needs to be served. And that as he’s listening and hearing it..”

    America is on fire, and the truth is nothing these rappers say or do will make a difference unless the people listen. Torey Lanez, has it right though, them n****s are rich and don’t know the emotional trauma poor people are currently experiencing.

    Killer Mike And Jay-Z Speak Out On George Floyd

    I don’t agree with looting or stealing from hardworking businesses, but I know protesting comes in many forms. While I do not agree with the tactics, I understand exactly where they are coming from. Here is a generation of people who have watched every “peaceful” protest end in death or exile. Take a knee yall mad, burn shit to the ground yall go insane, at least if they loot they get stuff while you are angry.

    America is responsible for the pent up anger and emotions; black people are feeling. They have created this monster because, as a great man once said.
    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”-J.F.K.

    What do you guys think of Killer Mike and Jay-Z contributions to the cause? Are their efforts enough, or should they do more?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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