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    Khloe Community Dick Anxiety Is Real!! Kardashian Whore

    Khloe Kardashian seems reluctant to get back into the dating game. However, she still has plenty of hatred for a former associate.

    It’s no secret that Khloe Kardashian still bitter over everything that took place been her and Jordyn Woods. The reality star has been the brunt of plenty of jokes when it comes to the dating game. Khloe clearly has an attraction to NBA players, and it hasn’t been working out too good in her factor as of lately. Khloe community dick anxiety is so what real at the moment. Above all, it’s safe to say that she would be dating men in other professions.

    Woods and Khloe would have a fallout over her baby father who was apparently giving out community dick. From the start of there relationship, plenty of people believe that Tristan Thompson was not faithful to Khloe. Plenty of outlets reported numerous sitings of True’s father booed up with an anonymous chick. Furthermore, Jordyn Woods was to blame after several publications claimed that she and Thompson had a passionate encounter.

    Now it seems as though Jordyn Woods is back on Khloe’s hitlist. Just recently she was spotted hanging out with another familiar person from Khloe’s past. Woods was busting it up with the Kardashian ex by the name of James Harden. It’s hard to believe that this would be a coincidence and has to be rubbing the Kardashian sister the wrong way. It wasn’t long before the reality tv star addressed the issue with a source.

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    “Khloe Kardashian is truly confused as to why Jordyn Woods was hanging out with James. Khloe feels Jordyn is hanging out with her exes deliberately to get a reaction out of her and truly doesn’t care about her or her family’s feelings. She does not believe she accidentally ran into him at all. To Khloe, this was not a coincidence. It’s really disheartening and she wishes she would stop. She honestly thought after Tristan, she would never be seen with a Kardashian ex ever again and feels this is really a low blow and not cool.”

    In conclusion, what is your take on Khloe community dick anxiety? Will Jordyn ever really apologize? Can we expect Jordyn Woods to ever make another appearance on the show? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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