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    Khleo Thomas Compares His 2010 Song “In My Soul” To Nicki Minaj’s “Seeing Green”

    After a months-long hiatus, Nicki Minaj returned to the spotlight with the re-release of her 2009 mixtape “Beam Me Up Scotty” on streaming services last Friday. The Queens rapper featured three new songs, including “Seeing Green,” a collaboration with Drake and Lil Wayne.

    Rapper-actor Khleo Thomas took to Twitter following its release to compare the GOVI and Kid Masterpiece-produced track to his 2010 song “In My Soul.” “2010…seeing green….2021…..seeing green. I’m just happy new Nicki music is out!” tweeted Thomas.

    “In My Soul” and “Seeing Green” both sample Heather Headley’s 2005 song, “In My Mind.” Both songs also incorporate lines about “seeing green.” “It’s like we looking through an emerald, so all we see is green,” raps the “Holes” actor. In Minaj’s verse on “Seeing Green” she raps, “Ain’t no C in green, but I’m seein’ green.”


    Thomas has brought attention to the similarities but has yet to take legal action against Nicki Minaj or anyone involved on “Seeing Green.”



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