Khalil Mack Dating Angela Simmons?… Rumor Has It!

Khalil Mack Dating Angela

Khalil Mack was caught pressed up with Angela Simmons in a local mall… And the two look very happy!


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#RoommateTalk: Posts Are 100% user submitted & we cannot confirm with 100 percent certainty the validity of these stories. Sip wisely! 👀👀☕️ __________________________________ Dear Shaderoom, So catch this tea, I’mma just keep it real I decided not to go to work today and treat myself, okay! But anyway, so I head over to Neiman Marcus in Chicago and I see this couple lookin’ all boo’d up, giggling and smiling. _________________________________ At first glance I didn’t pay them much mind but when sis started laughing I realized it was Angela Simmons! So you know I had to be nosey and see who that man was she was giggling with and I’m not going to lie I didn’t know who he was, until some other people in the store said it was NFL player Khalil Mack that plays for the Chicago Bears. _______________________________ Anyway, I went on about my business but I snapped a pic for y’all! Looks like Angela snagged herself a baller! Signed, Don’t Tag Me, My Boss Follows Y’all

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The Shade Room was the initial source of the scoop on the two. We see yall! If this checks out to be what it looks to be, they would look good!


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