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kevin spacey case dropped


That Sick Fuck Kevin Spacey Will Be Buried By Burden Of Proof!!!

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For well over a year Kevin Spacey has been tied to claim that has surely tarnished his career. Now the burden of proof will surely bury Kevin Spacey’s defense.

Spacey is an actor whose talent we have appreciated for years. However, with all that happens over the last year, it’s hard for us to look at the actor the same. The former House Of Cards actor has been charged with felony indecent assault and batter. Allegedly Spacey groped an 18-year old man in a restaurant. It is stated that the incident took place in a Nantucket restaurant back in 2016.

Kevin Spacey Burden Of Proof

Things aren’t looking too great for Spacey and his defense, as the court is requesting surveillance footage. The footage would reflect the event in question. Furthermore, Nantucket District Court Criminal Clerk’s office will be issuing a summon to the restaurant. Overall, court papers reflect notes about the footage:

“The surveillance footage shall be produced at the Nantucket District Court by 10:00 a.m. on June 3, 2019.”

The future for Kevin Spacey doesn’t look too good, and a strong possibility that he could face time. Late last year it was reported that Kevin Spacey was in attendance at an underage drinking party.

Do you think that Kevin Spacey will go to jail? If so for how long? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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