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    Kevin Hart’s Docu-series Hit Netflix Today

    Kevin Hart’s Docu-Series “Don’t F**K This Up Premiered on Netflix Today!!

    Kevin Hart’s long-awaited Documentary Series premieres on Netflix today. The series focuses on Kevin’s drama-filled 2019.

    The 6 episode docu-series is an inside look at Kevin Harts’s life as he deals, with fame, fortune and family. Episodes are about 30-40 minutes long and follow Kevin over the course of the year.

    2019 was a crazy year for the Jumanji star. From dealing with backlash for decade-old homophobic tweets. To being announced as the host of the Oscars only to back out due to the backlash. Kevin’s year was full of highs and lows, and that does not even include his infamous cheating scandal on his then-pregnant wife.

    What doesn’t seem to be in the series in Kevin’s Brush with death? In September of 2019, the comedy legend was in a horrendous car crash. He had to have back surgery but seems to have recovered well as he has been back to work.Kevin Harts Docu series Hit-1

    Kevin Hart’s persona took a hit from the incidents of the last year. However, the series seems to be a way of letting people get a behind the scenes look into what his life is really like.

    It’s easy to assume that being a millionaire is easy but millionaires have problems as well. The comedian touches on other issues ranging from his relationship with his father and his struggles balancing work and family.

    The Docuseries in total is about 3 hours long so if you haven’t seen it, it’s the perfect Saturday binge session.

    If you have seen it let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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