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    Kevin Garnett Divorce: She About To Get PAID!!!

    Kevin Garnett divorce is trending in the headlines due to falling out between him and his ex-wife Brandi! 

    Kevin is preparing for battle! Millions of his NBA dollars are at stake over this, while Brandi claims that the prenuptial agreement is currently invalid!

    Wait… What!?

    According to online sources, she claims she signed the prenuptial agreement “under duress.”

    The Kevin Garnett divorce is now heading to trial to figure out the sorting of assets and money. Currently, he’s preparing to pay temporary support which may be forced onto him.

    Kevin Garnett began playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1995, nine years before he had gotten married to Brandi. He states that his total earnings during that time were around $300 Million.

    Kevin Garnett Divorce will be heard next month
    Kevin Garnett and his family at the 2011 U.S. Open. Photo Source:

    He also noted that things weren’t always easy as he’s faced money problems. Charles Banks, his money man embezzled over $70 Million from his savings and investments.

    Brandi filed for divorce after 14 years, 2 daughters and millions of dollars later. She’s also requesting physical custody of their 2 children.

    Kevin says that he and his ex-wife have agreed to temporary support of $100,000K a month. However, he knows the prenuptial claim will cause a “windfall” of support that may get overlooked in court. This being if the agreement is enforced.

    Next month The Kevin Garnett Divorce will be heard next month in front of a judge.

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