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Fuck What You Heard, Kevin Garnett Ain’t Paying Shit!!

Kevin Garnett is seen as one of the dirtiest players to ever step foot on the hardwood. What a coincident that it’s translating into his marriage.

The NBA player that helped to lead the Celtics to an NBA Championship isn’t playing fair. The power forward is in the midst of a divorce from his wife Brandi Padilla. Kevin and Brandi have two daughters together. Brandi, the soon to be ex-wife is asking for physical custody along with spousal support. But, KG is currently refuting the request by filing for joint custody of the kids.

It is reported that the couple signed a pre-nuptial agreement a month prior to their marriage. The talented big man-made over $300 million throughout his NBA career. He is also regarded as one of the best big men in the power forward spot in basketball. He along with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce managed to dethrone the dynamic duo of Kobe and Shaq in their prime. In  2016, Kevin Garnett announced his retirement from the NBA after 21 seasons.

Kevin is surely not down to split his money with his soon to be ex-wife. Earlier last month it was reported that Jeff Bezos and his wife divorce with $137 Billion at stake. Now more than ever, money may sway people to think twice about getting married.

But what do you all believe? Should the former Celtics star fight the request for spousal support? Should he try to get full custody? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to for more breaking news!

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