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    Kevin Durants Lays the Ultimatum to Brookly Nets Owner Joe Tsai

    Brooklyn Nets SF Kevin Durant has gone by many names, however, none of them come close to describing the ruthlessness he’s recently displayed. Maybe the “Slim Reaper” is the only logical option. Durant has begun discussion with the Nets’ front office for the first time since the season concluded. According to The Athletic, Durant laid the ultimatum to Nets owner Joe Tsai that he’s got to choose between HC Steve Nash, GM Sean Marks, or himself. It’s clear, Durant wants HC Nash gone and demands that Marks is also fired.

    Who will the Brooklyn Nets Choose?

    Durant wants to be traded or he wants them fired, to sum it up. He requested a trade early this offseason, and yet nothing has seemed to make sense to move him. As the season rapidly approaches, we could be facing a potential holdout by Durant. While we all would like Durant to play and just finish the season, it may seem unlikely the organization wants to do that based on the detriment it can bring upon the Brooklyn Nets. The team may begin to split due to who they believe deserves more loyalty. Not to mention, the player dynamic and their roles on the team.

    The Nets co-star shares similar sentiment. The understanding of Irving’s relationship with the front office is extremely shaky, as well. Durant and them both want to break up the regime. “Joe [Tsai] has tried to make too many decisions himself,” the source says. This included choosing the coach. “After the Game 4 loss to Boston, Durant expressed his appreciation for Nash, whom he has consistently publicly supported, and said he was the right coach to lead the Nets into the future.”

    “Steve’s been dealt a crazy hand the last two years,” says Durant, a two-time NBA champion with the Warriors. “He’s had to deal with so much stuff as a head coach, a first-time coach. Trades, injuries, COVID, and just a lot of stuff he had to deal with. I’m proud of how he’s focused and his passion for us. We all continue to keep developing over the summer and see what happens.”


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