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    Kevin Bradley x Nike “Kevin and Hell” Shoes Dropping Soon

    Kevin Bradley Gets his Own Nike SB Orange Label Pack

    Kevin Bradley brings a care-free and fun attitude towards life (give his IG a follow to see what I mean). This is able to be seen through the smooth style that he has on a skateboard. His talent is clear, and it would seem that Nike has taken note of this. Bradley is getting his own Nike SB Orange Label pack that will feature a mid and low-top SB Blazer.

    This is not the first shoe that Kevin Bradley has had with Nike. He previously had his own version of the Dunk. The KB Dunk had a few cool features including a palm tree logo for LA as well as an inner red-lining that was revealed as the shoe wore down from skating.

    What to Expect from “Kevin and Hell”

    Bradley has stepped it up in terms of creativity with his latest shoes for Nike. The “Kevin and Hell” pack has two contrasting shoes that play off the theme of the name. The idea of Heaven and Hell can definitely be seen with these shoes. Although these are solid ideas, after hearing what Kevin Bradley had to say about the inspiration for the designs, I was able to gain a better appreciation for “Kevin and Hell”.

    The low-top version of the shoe is inspired by Bradley and his grandmother’s love for the rain. This is where the idea for the cloud swoosh and raindrop on the shoe comes from. Sometimes you just want to kick back and chill on a rainy day, and these shoes are great for that. Velcro straps are usually not my style, but I feel that they work well with this shoe and what it’s going for.

    “I like the velcro straps, sometimes I’m really lazy and I don’t like to tie my shoes. Sometimes I don’t even strap the velcro! You gotta be comfy.”- Kevin Bradley (via Orange Label)

    The mid-top shoe features a red and black color-palet based off of the Stars Wars character Darth Maul. Add to this the velour fabric picked for the design and you have a sleek looking shoe. These shoes are likely better for intense skating than the low-top blue pair. Even if you don’t skateboard this shoe is sure to look solid on you.

    Where You Can Buy the Shoes

    These shoes will not be available for purchase online. Instead, the Kevin Bradley Nike SB Orange Label collection will be sold in skate shops. This might seem inconvenient, but it is actually a nice way to support skate shops during these trying times.

    The “Kevin and Hell” shoes will be for sale starting on June 2nd. A limited number of shops will have the shoes for sale on May 30th. Bradley’s board sponsor, Fucking Awesome, already released the shoes on their website last night (5/27/20), but they were very quick to sell out.

    Follow this link to see if your local skate shop has the shoes, or give them a call.

    Final Thoughts

    Kevin Bradley has a unique and fun style on the board and in the way, he lives his life. I feel that he has been able to incorporate that into these kicks. The low-top SB Blazer offers some stylish comfort for a lazy day. Whereas the mid-top features a more intense vibe that can be brought to the streets of skating. Or if you don’t skateboard, you can still look stylish in some fresh velour kicks.

    What are your guy’s thoughts on the “Kevin and Hell” pack though?

    Do you think the velcros are a good addition to the SB Blazer? Which SB Blazer do you prefer? And what are some of your other favorite pairs of Nike shoes?

    Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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